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Registering with AAT is the first compulsory step anybody who wishes to follow AAT should do. Only the registered students can apply for AAT examinations / exemptions, receive correspondence from AAT and get eligible for any benefits announced by AAT. Initial registration is valid for one calendar year in which you register (until 30th of December of the given year ) regardless of the date of registration and is required to be renewed annually until you complete all AAT examinations and become a Passed Finalist (PF) . Once you become a PF, you will be awarded with the certificate named “Diploma in Accounting and Business”.

If you have registered for the July Examination, with your initial registration, you will be eligible to apply for both July and next year January examinations.

You are not required to register annually as this is a one-time process. Renewal of the registration will be required annually.

AAT is a qualification which helps to fast track your life. By completing AAT, you get the opportunity to exempt many subjects in different other qualifications such and CA, CIMA, CMA, ACCA and many other institutes which you can refer on our Website Also, it helps you to improve your finance knowledge which will help you to succeed in any trade you wish to pursue your career in. AAT Sri Lanka is the second largest AAT body in the world and is accepted in many countries if you wish to continue higher studies abroad.

Yes. You must be registered as a student of AAT Sri Lanka in order to apply for Examinations of AAT. Even if you follow classes for AAT with a tuition provider, registering with AAT as a student is compulsory.

Yes. In order to register as students of AAT Sri Lanka, you will need to satisfy one of the following minimum qualifications;

  • 06 passes at the G.C.E. (O/L) (SL)

  • OR
  • 05 passes at the G.C.E. (O/L) (UK)

  • OR
  • 02 passes at the G.C.E. (A/L) (SL / UK)

  • OR
  • 05 years of working experience as an Accounts Clerk / Audit Clerk / Book-keeper / Accounts Trainee in a recognized establishment

  • OR
  • Any other equivalent qualification that is acceptable to the Governing Council of AAT Sri Lanka

Yes, if you are pending your O/L results, you can submit your registration application without the result sheet. Mentioning your OL index number is extremely important if you are pending results and applying for AAT registration.

Not at all. Instead, AAT compliments your A/L studies and let you achieve excellent A/L results as it becomes a great support for university entrance. Proving this, nearly 50 out of annual A/L top 100 students in A/L commerce stream are AAT students who have started AAT just after their O/Ls. Some of such students have even completed AAT before their A/Ls which is a great achievement. Therefore, continuing AAT without dropping it halfway through while doing A/Ls is the best foundation for a guaranteed job opportunity and academic success. So please continue your AAT with you’re A/Ls and be an achiever.

Even if you are doing your A/Ls in another stream be it Maths, Science or Arts, following AAT is very important for your professional and personal development.

Please follow the success stories

Registering as a student is a must for anybody to pursue AAT qualification. But if you have qualifications including A/Ls which have been approved by AAT, you have the option to apply for exemptions from the applicable subjects at AAT and apply for the rest of the subjects to complete AAT examinations.

Please follow for exemption details.

If you have passed A/Ls in Commerce stream or have other higher qualifications, you can apply for any balance subjects of the First Level and the Second Level of AAT Examinations (depending on your qualification) together and complete AAT within one year.

AAT examination can be applied and sat either under subject by subject or level by level basis. If you complete level by level method, you can complete AAT within 1 ½ years. Since AAT level I and Level II can be sat together, if you are capable, you can complete AAT within one year.

Find more details on examination from

There are few options. If you wish, you can follow classes to study for AAT at the Accredited Education Centres (AECs). Please follow Alternatively, you can do self-studies by following our study packs. Please follow for study pack information. You may use a combination of these options as well.

Yes. AAT examinations are held in all 3 media. AAT study materials and the Student Guide are also available in Sinhala / Tamil / English.

Absolutely no. If you have completed G.C.E. O/Ls, you can register with AAT and there is no age limit.

No, AAT students are spread through all 25 districts in the country. AAT has branches covering many districts and our Accredited Education Centers also have an island wide spread. You can join with AAT from anywhere in Sri Lanka and there is no geographical barrier.

Yes. Even though the registration is open throughout the year, if you wish to apply for a particular July or January AAT examinations, you should apply for the registration subject to the specified deadlines.

*January Examination - Before the 31st of July

*July Examination - Before the 31st of January

*dates are subject to change due to the prevailing COVID-19 restrictions.

Registration can be applied either online or offline (physical application).

If you wish to apply online, please follow the link Once you submit the online application successfully along with the payment made either online or offline, you will receive an acknowledgement email.

If you wish to apply offline, a Student Guide has to be purchased. Then you can apply for registration by filling and submitting the physical application.

The Student Guide is a comprehensive manual that contains details about AAT Sri Lanka, the AAT qualification, Examination structures, information on how to register, details on exemptions and education service providers, amongst other key information. The Guide is compulsorily required for offline registration as it contains the application forms for registration and exemptions.

You may obtain the Student Guide under following methods:

You can get the eversion of the student Guide from to access the information.

Purchasing the Application Kit is compulsorily required for registration as it contains the application forms for registration. Application kit can be obtained during office hours from Monday to Friday 8.30a.m. - 4.45 p.m., Saturday 9.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m

  • Purchasing from Students‘ Service Unit of AAT Sri Lanka-Head office, or
  • Purchasing from your nearest AAT Branch Office, or
  • Purchasing from Accredited Education Centres (AECs) of AAT Sri Lanka (Refer Page 34 - 35 for details of AECs)

Yes. A one off payment is applicable which has to be made before submitting the registration application.

Registration Fees

  • Normal AAT registration fee - Rs. 4,500/-
  • Special Fee (for school students) - Rs. 4,000/-

  • (This special fee is available only for students under the age of 19 and currently in school)

Fee for registration under both online and offline modes are the same. Fees may be subject to revision.

Following options are available.

  • To bank (any branch of NSB or HNB)

  • NSB (A/C No. 90_ _ _ 2301989)
    HNB (A/C No. 039020327099)
    Paying Vouchers: Use the general cash deposit slips which are available at the branches of the selected bank. (CDM payments are not accepted)
  • Online -

  • {payment using a VISA / Master credit card (direct bank transfers are not encouraged}

You need to quote the Application Number consisting 8 digits starting from “11” printed on the top right hand corner of the student registration application (hard copy) which is there in the Student Guide / generated in the online registration process, which is very important.

Yes, the following has to be submitted;

  • Duly completed Registration Application Form (if you apply online, this is the online application. If apply offline, the hardcopy application available in the Student Guide should be used)
  • A photocopy of your Birth Certificate
  • A photocopy of your NIC
  • Certified copies of your Educational Certificates (Not applicable for students who are pending OL results)
  • The Depositor’s Copy (Original) of the Pay-In-Voucher of the Registration Fee / transaction receipt of the online payment

If you are applying offline, the duly filled application along with the afore mentioned supporting documents should be handed over to the AAT Head Office / Branch offices or sent via registered post.

Once you submit the registration application (online or offline), your application will be checked for eligibility especially in terms of your minimum qualification and the required supporting documents. If everything is in order, you will be registered as a student of AAT and a student registration number will be assigned. This process would normally take a period of one week from the date of receiving the application to AAT.

If you are an applicant pending OL results, you will be recorded as a temporary student and once the OL results (satisfying the minimum requirement) are released, you will be registered as a student of AAT.

After the registration number is assigned, your AAT student ID will be printed with your photograph and key student details. Your registration will become the key source for all the transactions you do with AAT thereafter. You will then be notified about your registration.

Upon registration, you will be sent the student ID, registration confirmation letter and other applicable documents by post to your postal address. Your student registration number will be sent via an SMS also for your information.

Student registration number is a unique number applicable for each student of AAT. It comprises of 7 digits and the last digit is a check digit which acts as a validation source when you make payments based on this registration number in the future. It is very important that students quote this number whenever they contact AAT for any purpose.

Once you have sent in your registration application and your registration is approved, you will be issued a Student Identity Card. Upon receipt of your Student ID Card, you must place your usual signature on the space provided.

Our Head Office is located in Narahenpita, Colombo 05. We have 7 branches currently in Kurunegala, Kandy, Matara, Anuradhapura, Rathnapura, Ampara, and Jaffna. Please follow for complete details.

Head Office

Association of Accounting Technicians of Sri Lanka

AAT Centre, No. 540, Ven. Muruththettuwe Ananda Nahimi Mw, Narahenpita, Colombo 05.


AAT Sri Lanka Branches


No. 514/4A, 2nd Floor, New Bus Stand, Anuradhapura.

Tel: 025-7 559 669



No. 340, Stanley Road, Jaffna

Tel: 021-7 559 669



No. 15/6, Convent Road, Kurunegala.

Tel: 037-7 559 669



No. 274, 2nd Floor, Sagara Building, Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Matara.

Tel: 041-7 559 669



No. 66, 1st Floor, Bandaranayake Mw, Rathnapura.

Tel: 045-7 559 669



788 B, Peradeniya Road, Kandy.

Tel: 081-7 559 669



No 19, D S Senanayake Street, Ampara

Tel: 063-7 559 669


No. You can always visit the nearest branch office to obtain services. You can submit the documents via registered post and receive correspondence through registered post and hence there is no need to visit the Head Office.

You can contact us over the phone, via emails and through the website. Pls follow the link given below;

You can get in touch with us through our social media platforms as well.

Please send an email to giving details of the mistake and your application number.

You can mention about this issue as a separate note when submitting the application. We will check on that and try to help you.

The photograph you send at the time of registration normally remains unchanged unless there is a drastic change to your current appearance compared to your photograph in the student ID or any other justifiable reason. In such an event you could make a written request by post or via /

Please contact the Ms.Silindhi on 0760 559 669 or Mr.Sobiraj on 0777 559 669.

No. unless you complete all examinations within the same calendar year you register with us, you need to renew your studentship annually until you complete all the examinations.