Renewal - FAQ

Student renewal is an annual process by which a registered student maintains his/her studentship active until the completion of AAT examinations by making an annual payment for the next calendar year after registration. Renewal notices are posted to all the active students of a particular calendar year, at the end of the year and the students are required to renew before the 30th of December each year. If the renewal notice is not received by the beginning of December, students are required to contact AAT.

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Annual studentship renewal is required irrespective of whether you apply for an exam in the particular year or not, to remain an active student. If you do not renew, you will not be eligible to apply for examination / exemptions, receive any correspondence / updates or be eligible for any offer announced by AAT.

If you fail to renew before the deadline, you will be subject to a penalty of 500/= as well. Therefore, you are encouraged to renew annually before the 29th December 2023.

Renewal fee for the year 2024 (paid before the closing date) for all the registered students whose last active year is 2023 is Rs. 2,250/=

Following payment options are available;

  • To bank (any branch of NSB or HNB banks)

  • NSB (A/C No. 90_ _ _ 2301989)


    HNB (A/C No. 039020327099)

    Paying Vouchers: Use the general cash deposit slips which are available at the branches of the selected bank. (CDM payments are not accepted)

  • Online - {payment using a VISA / Master credit card (direct bank transfers are not encouraged}

When making the payment under any method (to bank or online), Type 44 followed by your Student Registration Number of 7 digits CORRECTLY (eg:44xxxxxxx). If you do not mention this correctly, your payment will be credited to someone else's account which cannot be corrected subsequently. If you don’t know the 7 digit student registration number, please call AAT on 0112 559 669 / 0772 559 669 or email to / and get the number.

Student renewal is a simple process where no application is required. It is only a matter of making the annual renewal fee at the end of each calendar year to the specified banks or online using the correct renewal reference number. If the renewal PAYMENT IS CORRECTLY MADE USING THE CORRECT PAYMENT REFERENCE NUMBER (44 code followed by your 7 digit student number), studentship will get automatically updated within 3 days of payment.

No. Students are NOT REQUIRED to send their Student Identity Card to AAT for renewal imprint if they have the plastic student ID issued with the 7 digit student ID. When you make the annual renewal payment, you will not get a new ID annually and the exiting ID can be used for any examination or other AAT purpose without any issue given that you remain as an active student in our system.

If a student has not renewed for many years where the plastic ID with the 7 digit student registration number is not available, they only need to send the existing ID and get a new ID printed.

Once your payment is correctly received to your student account and the activation is processed through the system, a confirmation SMS will be sent to your mobile number within few days. If you have not received any confirmation within a week of the payment, you are kindly requested to inform us via / or 0772559669.

No. If you have registered once regardless of whether you have sat for any examination or not, you need to continue your existing registration by renewing it.

You can renew your studentship by making the renewal payment for all the years your studentship has been inactive. Since your renewal dues get accumulated with a late penalty in the event you don’t renew annually on or before due dates, it is advised that you renew the studentship annually and maintain an active studentship even if you do not plan to sit for the immediate examination. You can call / email the Student Registration Division and get to know about your last renewed year, the amount due and other details. If you have a financial difficulty but wish to continue AAT by renewing, you may request for a concession in writing with a detailed background for the request if you have a large amount to pay.

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You can contact Ms Swarna / Ms Dilhara Student Registration Division of AAT Sri Lanka on 0112559 669 / 0772 559 669 or via / for renewal inquiries.

Please send an email to giving details of the mistake and your student registration number.

Students are requested to ensure that they update the change of their details immediately once a change takes place in order to get timely updates and correspondence through AAT and also to have correct details available in the materials issued by AAT. Change of address, mobile number and the email address should be notified in writing (letter or via email to to receive correspondence timely and properly. If a change of the name or NIC are present, that should be communicated in writing with supporting documents to prove the change/s. student ID should be returned along with the change request if the change has an impact on the details appear on the student ID.

If there is an excess, you could request in writing to refund that amount to your bank account by giving full name as per the account, account number, bank and branch. Alternatively, you can request to use the excess payment for any future AAT payment which has to be clearly informed to us.

If you have lost the ID, you need to make a request to AAT in writing (email / registered post) while clearly mentioning the reason for the request and necessary details about the loss of the ID. A payment of Rs.500/= has to be made in this regard to obtain a duplicate ID.