Note: Curriculum Structure effective from July 2020 Examination

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Special Note:

The below supplementary is applicable for Level I Economics (ECN) subject

Updates to ECN Study Text (English)

Updates to ECN Study Text (Sinhala)


Level III – 304 CPT – Corporate & Personal Taxation

Testing of Year of Assessment for July 2024 and January 2025 examinations for the above subject is 2023/24. Provisions of Inland Revenue Act No 24 of 2017 with subsequent amendments are applied and tested in the examination.

This supplementary can be used only with CPT book Tamil book printed in June 2023 (Third Edition)

CPT Supplementary - English

CPT Supplementary - Sinhala

CPT Supplementary - Tamil


Level III – 301 FAR - Financial Reporting

Updates to Chapter II (LKAS 16) (English)

Updates to Chapter II (LKAS 16) (Sinhala)


AAT Revised Syllabus (2015 – 2020) English Medium

Technical Capstones Syllabus Content- Sinhala (Revised)

Technical Capstones Syllabus Content - Tamil (Revised)


Revisions in Syllabus (2015 - 2020)