Note: Curriculum Structure effective from July 2020 Examination

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Special Note:

The below supplementary is applicable for Level I Economics (ECN) subject

Updates to ECN Study Text (English)

Updates to ECN Study Text (Sinhala)


Level III – 304 CPT – Corporate & Personal Taxation

Testing of Year of Assessment for July 2023 examination held in August 2023 and January 2024 examination held in January 2024 for the above subject is 2022/23. Provisions of Inland Revenue Act No 24 of 2017 with subsequent amendments are applied and tested in the examinations



Level III – 301 FAR - Financial Reporting

Updates to Chapter II (LKAS 16) (English)

Updates to Chapter II (LKAS 16) (Sinhala)


AAT Revised Syllabus (2015 – 2020) English Medium

Technical Capstones Syllabus Content- Sinhala (Revised)

Technical Capstones Syllabus Content - Tamil (Revised)


Revisions in Syllabus (2015 - 2020)